Delegates at the first national convention (left to right)

Back Row: O.L. Thomas, Ohio State; G.H. Smith, Illinois; Burt Thurber, Oklahoma; Hugh Graham, Illinois

Middle Row: W. G. Eovaldi, Illinois; F.D. Kohler, Ohio State; L.E. Hartwig, Michigan; Francis Linville, Missouri; Cecil Moyer, Miami; M.L. Wardell, Oklahoma.

Front Row: W.D. Forsyth, Illinois; W.B. Palmer, Michigan; T.A. Clark, Illinois; E.E. Brandon, Miami; D.L. Edwards, Michigan; A.V. Millar, Wisconsin; Milton Klein, Wisconsin

A Seventy-Fifth Anniversary History of Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society. Click the links below to download a PDF of that section.

Timeline of Events

March 1923
Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society is founded at the University of Illinois
May 1926
Second chapter installed at the University of Missouri
Fall 1926
University of Michigan becomes third chapter installed
Spring 1927
National officers were elected, Thomas Arkle Clark grand president
May 1927
University of Wisconsin chapter chartered
May 1928
Miami University chapter chartered
November 1928
The first national convention was held at the University of Illinois
February 1931
Forum of Phi Eta Sigma volume I, number I was published
Hints on Learning and Studying first appeared as a national publication of Phi Eta Sigma
Phi Eta Sigma membership was opened to women students
The Phi Eta Sigma national office was transferred from Auburn University to Western Kentucky University
October 1998
A 75th anniversary history of Phi Eta Sigma National Honor Society was published, authored by Phi Eta Sigma Grand Historian Dr. Kyle C. Sessions
Membership reached one million members
Phi Eta Sigma marks 90 years as an academic undergraduate honor society and reaches 377 chapters nationwide

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